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Funding toolkit for neurodivergent artists 

In October 2021, I took part in an online residency with, In Place of War, a world-wide organisation that uses creativity as a tool for positive change called 100 Agents of Change.


This gathered 100 change makers from around the UK to have a month-long residency of talks, workshops and events. The programme then offered seed funding, mentoring and the creation of community projects. My project was to create a funding toolkit aimed at neurodivergent artists. 

The aim of the funding toolkit was to make the process of applying for funding easier for neurodivergent artists. In the toolkit, I discuss why funding in the visual arts is important and how it is used, break down the application, and give resources for further learning and support. 

Please click the on image below. 

Funding toolkit for neurodivergent artists

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