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Ambitious about Autism in partnership with VCCP

Background is blue. An employer introducing their new intern to their colleague. The text in white reads, " This is Darren he's autistic" and " Actually my title's Junior Art Director."
Background is blue. An employer is sitting at a desk. The employee is sitting opposite her. White text (left to right) reads as " So these err. twitches you have.. will they get in the way?" Employee's response is "Well I'd be crap at making you a cup of tea, but they don't stop me from making a website."
Background is blue. An employer meets their new employee. The whit text reads, employer: "I'm not sure how comfortable you'd be in a normal workplace." Employee: "Depends whether you give me a decent chair or not."
A phone conversation that is divided into 2 sections. The woman on the left is sitting down. The young man on the right is standing holding his mobile. The white text reads (left to right) " So just HOW autistic are you?" "How experienced are you? Would be a better question."
2 men stand in a space wearing hi-vis protection and hard hats. The man on left is holding a CV.  The young man on the right stands whilst he reads it. The white text reads "So does that mean you're obsessed with trains and sci-fi?" "No, just obsessed with getting a job."
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