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Autism Education Trust logo design

The Autism Education Trust (AET) commissioned me to design a logo for their new website and training materials. Throughout the process, I collaborated with a graphic designer and the wider AET team over a number of weeks, to ensure that the design gave an up-to-date image of the AETs values and voice as an organisation

For further information on the logo, please take a look at the AET website.

The New AET Logo | Autism Education Trust

Below is the final design of the logo and the digital design that is on the AET website and resources.  

A green person is standing in the middle of a circle with rainbow-coloured hands ranging from purple through to green. The bottom of the page is written in pencil with the words Autism Education Trust
A green person is left hand side of the image and is on a white background. They stand in the middle of a circle with 8 different coloured hands surrounding them. The text on the right-hand side of the image says Autism Education Trust.
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