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National Development Team for Inclusion. "It's Not Rocket Science" Report

I was commissioned by the National Development Team for Inclusion to do some illustrations in response to their report "It's Not Rocket Science". The report is about autistic peoples experience of being a CAMHS inpatient, and how the sensory environment can be improved. 


To access the full report and further information, please follow the link: "It's Not Rocket Science" - NDTi

Selected images are below.

A light blue background with a person in the right looking uncomfortable with amount of noise coming from various sources. This includes a radio, fire alarm and echoing footsteps.
The background is orange. A young person standing by a window with a blanket wrapped round them. They are wearing sunglasses. In the room there is a bright light, busy notice board and shadows coming from a plant pot. The text underneath says "The bright lights in hospital were overwhelming' from someone called Jamie.
Smell and cleaning product light
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