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NDTi Care Education and Treatment Review Plan illustrations

I was commissioned by the National Development Team for Inclusion (NDTi) to create some illustrations about the NHS Care (Education) and Treatment Review Programme (C(E)TR).   


NDTi recruit, train and support people to take part in reviews called C(E)TRs.  


C(E)TRs look at the support that people with a learning disability and autistic people need to avoid going into a mental health hospital or to ensure that they have the right support during and after a hospital stay, if this is needed.   


This includes making sure that they are safe where they are living, that they are being supported to get well and stay well and that plans are being made for them to move out of hospital when they are ready.   


The reviews make recommendations about improvements that can be made to both the support and the physical environment, to better meet the person’s needs.  


The review is undertaken by a dedicated team of people known as the C(E)TR Panel which include a Chair, Expert by Experience and a Clinical Expert.   


The images below show some of the journey that panel members undertake when they join the C(E)TR programme, as well as some of the tasks they perform in their roles.  


For further information, about the Care (Education) and Treatment Review Programme, and the NDTi, please follow the link Care and Treatment Reviews - NDTi

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