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Ambitious about Autism, "Youth Participation", Night of Ambition, 2018

A group of 7 young people sitting at a long table in a meeting room. The table is filled with stim toys and papers. There are 4 different quotes from left to right. They read as follows "What makes you most proud to be part of the Youth Council?", "Our online network to communicate with peers and friends.", The toolkit we created to manage our mental health." and "Having gained access to work experience." The background is light blue.
A youth participation group is taking place with 4 young people sitting at a table. There is another young person wearing glasses pointing to a board with the words 'Youth Participation' written on it. The room is filled with worksheets hanging from the wall. The person leading the session says, "Okay guys let's have a think about how we can increase the impact you have as a national Youth Council." The background is light blue.
A young person is giving a presentation. The young person says to the audience "Youth Council is the only place I can truly be myself. I no longer see my autism as a negative." The background is light blue.
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