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A series of cartoons is about my friend Jack's experience of losing his best friend
Screenshot (3134)_edited.jpg
Photograph of a red and yellow Covid-19 sign. Date stamped on the righthand side below.
Screenshot from the film ET showing Elliot and his family eating dinner, with the dog on the right.
Night time shot of the exterior of UCH with a figure standing in the centre, looking at their phone.
B & W photograph showing old fashioned BBC equipment
Line drawing with a blue background, showing a figure looking stressed due to the noise environment.
Cartoon of a figure with orange hair, sitting on the floor shaking. The text above says 'Overloaded'
Photograph of Annie holding a sign saying 'English please I don't understand'
Black and white image of a rake leaning against a small shed. A bucket also lies on it's side.
Square image with blue background, showing a careers advice session between a pupil and tutor.
Square image with blue background showing a group of young people in a meeting room
Square image with blue background showing a boss introducing a new intern
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